New Heights Is Servicing Myrtle Beach

Exciting news here at New Heights! We have expanded to Myrtle Beach. Right now, we have about 55 single-family rentals in that area, and we are looking to expand. The reason we are looking to expand is Myrtle Beach has been listed by U.S. News in 2022 as the second best place to live in the state of South Carolina. U-Haul also recently came out with some growth rankings, and besides Charleston, Myrtle Beach was also listed in the top ten as a growth-ranking city in the country. So, what is an ideal property in Myrtle Beach? Anything that is about three bedrooms, two baths. There are a lot of condos in this area, so many one-bedroom, one-bath properties might be available but be cautious of those. When you're looking at long-term rentals, you want to take into consideration that you would ideally want a renter that stays for a year or more. So you don't want the high cost of turnover that comes with shorter-term rental properties. So the classic rental is three bedrooms, two baths, two-car attached garage with a fenced-in yard. Properties like that definitely tend to keep renters for a period of time. If you need any information on a potential property that you'd like to get some rental rates for, or maybe you're interested in purchasing something and want to know the rental rate for that property. We're happy to run a market analysis for you and talk you through what the rental market looks like in Myrtle Beach, how the process works, tenant screening,  and everything else you need to know. 

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