Tenant Retention

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Once we find a tenant to move into your rental property, it is extremely important to keep the tenant satisfied so that they will stay in your rental property for as long as possible. Many landlords don’t understand tha... Read More

How Do Local Laws Affect Charleston Rental Property Owners?

Local laws will have an impact on you as a landlord and an owner of rental properties. We all know about the federal fair housing laws, and we know that we have to follow them. We also know about the Americans with Disabilities Ac... Read More

Why Should you Make your Charleston Home Pet-Friendly?

When you’re renting out your Charleston property to tenants, it’s natural to hesitate before you decide to allow pets. Even if you’re a pet owner yourself and you love animals, you know that allowing a pet in you... Read More

Secrets to Finding Quality Tenants in Charleston

The tenant you choose can make or break the success of your rental property investment. It’s very important to search for and locate the best tenants to put into your rental property, and today we’re sharing some tips ... Read More

How to Get Your Property Ready for Tenants

There are several steps that you will have to take and things you must consider when you’re getting your rental property ready for the market. The goal is to find that next great tenant. Typically, when we talk about getting... Read More
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