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Leasing Your Property

Leasing Your Property

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How long will it take to rent your property to a great resident? That depends on price, location, property condition and the overall rental market. We make sure your property is competitively priced, in great condition, and aggressively marketed. This helps us attract a pool of outstanding potential residents faster than you could marketing it on your own.

We advertise widely online, use professional yard signs, and market through other local resources and networks. Once we have interested residents, we begin a thorough and rigorous screening process to ensure only well-qualified residents are placed in your property.

As soon as a resident is approved, we collect the first month's rent, sign the lease and conduct a move-in inspection. You can count on our team of Summerville property management professionals to find and place a resident who has a history of paying rent on time and following the terms of a lease agreement.